bc more green?

BC Premier Gordon Campbell announced new plans for some more green-atives:

  1. A promise of legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33% below today's levels by 2020
  2. Make BC the first province to cap greenhouse gas emissions
  3. An undisclosed carbon trading system
  4. Energy production should have a net balance of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2016
  5. All public sector organizations, including the crown and schools, should be carbon neutral by 2010
  6. BC to adopt California's tailpipe emission and low-carbon fuel standards
  7. All government travel will be carbon neutral effective this year
  8. BC Hydro to install "smart meters" and allow personal energy producers to pump back energy for credit
  9. $50M in 2007 for BC Transit to purchase new "clean diesel" buses - matching Stockwell Day's $49.1M on Friday.
  10. Twinning of the Port Mann bridge
  11. $100M to 10 years of flood protection to communities

"I want to compliment you on the program you announced yesterday and the leadership you are showing," Al Gore said in reference to Gord's plan yesterday for Tea in Victoria.

I honestly do not think that the time-lines are realistic, meaning they should be done in the next 2-5 years. Imagine the influx to the eco-onomy and the value of the eco-nitivies to the green collar workforce. Although Harper has decided to join the Asia-Pacific Partnership, heralded as the Kyoto Accord alternative, last week, I still think it's a bunch of hogwash that this isn't being done sooner.

Is it soon enough?

[via CBC News ]