2:12.30.1 + $445 raised

What i great day - after the sun came out, that is. Jason, such a wonderful man, took the cab out to UBC with me today, + woke up @ 5:15am too. "But I want to support you!" he kept saying when I told him he didn't have to come. I am so lucky, he's a star.

All was well and good today, I even ran into Sue from day's of yore @ Sbux. Told her to pass me + she must have while I in the potty. Until... rain. The downpour through Pacific Spirit Provincial Park all the way through to the finish line. Everyone was so wet. It may have been better to run naked. I was tuckered out, and Stackers appeared like an Angel out of nowhere - waving as she left me in her... well... mud. I initially thought that I would complete my first 1/2 Marathon @ 2:45, + that's what I put on my registration. Nope, not even close. It was awesome to see J @ the finish line. Did I say he's a star?
Thank you to everyone who sponsored me and helped me to raise $445 (for 148% of goal) for the St. Paul's Hospital Foundation. Thank you to:
Erin L.
Aunt Cindy
English Daddy Robert
Mom + Ed A.
I think I've proved it to the bullies that they can't tame me. Candid's are below: