It’s easy being green

Q: Can you throw out light bulbs?

A: No. All light bulbs contain mercury in some form, especially CFL's! Luckily, BC Hydro has compiled a list of CFL Recycling locations found here. Also, you can bring your batteries and CFL's to IKEA. I know it's a pain, I know you'd like to just toss that beyotch in the trash, but fish & other sea mammals do not have auto-immunity and they can't expel toxins for their entire lifetime. They die.

bye bye incandescent?

In other CFL news, for those of you in NYC check out the Bye Bye Incandescent? The Future of the Incandescent Lamp, a four part series of the impact of new lighting on the traditional lighting methods by Illuminating Engineering Society of New York (IESNY). [source]

We'll address the future production of incandescent sources, a definition of "incandescent" through wattage/base/efficacy criteria pending legislation, codes restricting the use of incandescent of sources, and the "save the earth" screw in a CFL movement, the disposal of mercury filled lamps - and most importantly - could New York City follow in Australia's footsteps.

Cut the grass without gas

The folks at TreeHugger have come up with a comprehensive 10 step guide on how to make your neighbourhood greener:

  1. Reconnect with your neighbours – most of mine drive.
  2. Buy local – Costco buys locally!
  3. Rethink travel – train, bus, plane…
  4. Spread the word – share your ideas
  5. Join in – find friends with your passion
  6. Plan for change – here today, gone tomorrow.
  7. Get political – not sure if the Green Party is where it's at, but check it out.
  8. Spread the love (and unwanted electronics) – OH!! I have a laptop for sale ya'll! It needs some tlc, and I can't figure out what's wrong, but hey best offer!
  9. Healthy competition – challenge your community/workplace!
  10. The revolution will be televised – get notarized on the Al Goracal bandwagon.

Green rehab is closer than you think, and lord knows John Travolta could use the pointers. Read all the details here.

Parking's a bitch in china

China has about 11.5mil private cars and 1.31bil peeps. [source] Parking is an issue and China Parking is here to help. Kinda important when 7% of kids have lead poising. [source] You know, I see people park in the West End all the time and they get towed. You think we have issues? There's a reason why there are so many buses, b/c you don't need a car to drive around the core of Vancouver. Anyhoo back to China and cars. What's interesting here is that parking is so rare that they park on sidewalks and they double park all the time. Hmmm… HUGE opportunity to reduce carbon emissions here.

+ Sugar = plastic? Who'd a thunk it!

+ Gay censorship in Rio

+ It's a store. No, wait. It's a club. But I cant' get inside! That's the point!

Ok so now that I got all my green out I haven't even posted the pics from this past weekend of trubs! Hopefully I'll get to it sooner, rather than later.