cda 1st: leaf rapids bans plastic bags

I knew a guy from Leaf Rapids once… he was my roomie in Uni. Bill Y-- something (hit me up if your out there) and he was a Uki too. Well… I'd never thought I see the day when a MINING town does something good, but they're the first municipality EVER in Canada to ban plastic bags. I mean… do you know where Leaf Rapids is? Check it here.

"The new bylaw prevents retailers from selling or distributing the single-use bags. Ignoring the ban could result in a $1,000-a-day fine. In anticipation, officials have been handing out cloth shopping bags to residents." [source]

I hope I don't need to explain why plastic bags are bad or how you can keep them from going in your trash. Kudos to Leaf Rapids, MB!

sam walton has no stake here…

A new Earth Mart will be opening in April near Philly. [source] They'll carry clothing & accessories, bed & bath, personal products, vitamins, dinner & glassware, kitchen utensils & textiles, household products, office supplies, paint, and much more…

diesel campaign: global warming ready

But no one can find their principals or policy. [source] Yes, it's ironic that Diesel is talking turkey about global warming… there's an awful section on what you can do to stop global warming. Have sex quietly? Seriously?!? This begs me to think, what do hot models think about global warming?

  1. OMG I need to be down to 0.05% body fat to look good on the beach.
  2. This Cover Girl contract is useless. I can't wear the mascara!
  3. When are we going glow bowling?
  4. I am NOT wearing those shoes with this outfit.
  5. This heat is a bitch on my hair.
  6. My T-zone is a nightmare.
  7. Fans. I need more FANS!!!
  8. Hurry up and take the freakin' picture! My ass is sweating!
  9. Does my ass look fat in these jeans?
  10. This heat does wonders for the metabolism.

The advertisements feature New York completely submerged in water, St. Mark's Square in Venice filled with tropical birds rather than pigeons, the Eiffel Tower in Paris surrounded by the jungle, a flooded Rio de Janeiro, a beachy Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and Finland, once Nordic, turned into a desert. [source]

Ok so I'm totally sick and have no patience to keep blowing my nose. It's only been a few hours and I'm already sick of being sick.