the real meaning of green

ahhhhh... there's nothing like speedo sundays @ made in brazil to start a foggy sunday off on the right foot.

in a post-st paddy's day celebration, today's posts are going to be a BETTER version of green.

clubcard goes green

Clubcard "Green Cards" are 100% post-consumer recycled cards printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified 12 point uncoated matte Mohawk options cardstock.

  • Green Cards are printed full colour both sides on a printing press that operates on a dedicated reverse osmosis water plant utilizing a completely alcohol-free print process.
  • Green cards are printed with vegetable based inks that contain limited ozone-damaging petroleum distillates and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).
  • Ink sludge is re-mixed and re-used.
  • Press rags are used for fuel with no VOC's released, and the remaining ash is used in cement products.

a HUGE success story for green. i know ya'll be ordering your cards from clubcard instead from now on - specify green! [source]

telus mobility goes green

who reads their cell phone bill, really. i know from my past experience that most people don't even pay attention to anything on the bill and they call 9 months later saying the never asked for this feature or that feature. well, if you don't read it anyway, why not eBill!! with TELUS Mobility, when you hold you bill they will plant another tree in an area of need. i know i just recently held my monthly 64 page invoice that i don't read because i'm sick and tired of the waste of paper - even after recycling it. thanks to mitchell for reading his mail - and the hot tip!

chunks of green: