that's so not right...

so a girl uses "that's so gay" in school and is disciplined. the parents, Mormons, sue the school district b/c of reverse harassment from peers for using the phrase... blah blah blah [source, source]. grow up.

To say, "that's so gay," according to high school sophomore Jared Young, is to say, "That's dumb. That's lame. That's just stupid." [source]

it would be my blog if i couldn't tell you how i feel about this. using that phrase is unacceptable. it's a negative phrase that's intent to to claim a negative opinion or view point on a topic or subject. it's is NOT equivalent to saying "that's just stupid", it's is not the same as "that's dumb". it is not slang, it is not culture, it is not acceptable... it is a discriminatory remark that is equal in power to the "n" word. even using "that's so lame" is negative to lame people. DON'T EVER let me catch any of you using it.

chunks of interest:

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