a flip, a face plant, and a shiner

alright, this is it from apex for me. out of sheer boredom and resources, josh, jason, and i decided to snow tube to pass the time. we didn't have the time to pick up couture for the slopes, so i was stuck with my diesel jeans and adidas to grace the presence of pentictonites. i don't know how, i don't know when; but somehow, someway, i ended up with a shiner...

let me tell you the tail.

a backwards train: josh, me, jason - in that order. we hit one bump and ended on the outer run. no problem right? wrong. we hit the back bumper, then the fence... josh being the first, he went down the backside. as he was holding my feet, the angle lifted me up and to add to the momentum i was holding jason's feet... jason few over my head flipping me upside down and then there was blackness. for a second i was waiting to hit a tree, but then i thought that i was knocked out cold and broke every bone in my body - only to move my head and see the burst of whiteness that was in front of me. well, more like that i was face planted into. i look up and see josh standing and waving that we're ok - i wasn't convinced. i lifted my head and i felt my body - this is good. where's jason!?! i looked over my shoulder and he was 30 feet downhill on the next run over! needless to say there was no more snow tubing today... for anyone.