spielburg & burnett on the lost?

so it turns out that the folks at on the lot have lost their way. the competition is to be one of the best of it's kind for film makers wanting to make their mark. but when films haven't been posted for screening for 2 months without a reply, have they lost their way?

steven spielberg & mark burnett are the front men behind the competition open across all borders. other major sponsors are fox, dreamworks television, and mark burnett productions (survivor, the apprentice, blah blah blah). the prize is a cool $1mil USD contact with dreamworks television.

not all films are lost. some are uploaded within 4 days, while some have waited over 4 weeks without any replies to their inquiries. one such unfortunate person is our near and dear jason karman. jason was so exited about the competition, and i blogged it earlier to stay tuned; however, there has been no progress on this "great" idea and his entry has had no response. jason dutifully completed all the out of country paperwork, approx $500 in production, and spent hours making his small flick "30". it would be great to show you the piece, but i can't b/c he would risk losing votes and my life of luxury would be sabotaged.

"Many people are [not posted yet]. In fact, we are still seeing movies come through our end of the processing that were in December." said the moderator of on the lot. this no where near reasonable to the time line given in the faq section which reads "Your film must go through the production offices of ON THE LOT. Once the producers have approved, your film will appear on the site within approximately 3 weeks of when your application was received." jason has sent 5 emails of inquiry. one email has been read with no reply, and the other 4 remain a mystery. undoubtedly, this too will be lost. with such star studded producers and sponsors, i'd expect better management of these situations.

send your inquiries on this situation to onthelot@fox.com.

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