you'll never hear me say that IKEA is swedish for "out of stock", or "crap", and it's not that i am partial b/c i did work there and i know what they're all about. IKEA isn't about mass consumerism and big box market share take overs. IKEA is simple, it's functional, it's all types for all sizes - but what do you do when you've lost your screws or can't find your way?

IKEAFANS are here to save the day! ya! this lil online community can give you so many deets on everything... even that discontinued lamp from LY. [source]

fun facts about IKEA:

  • IKEA is all capitals b/c it's an acronym. wikipedia it.
  • ingvar kamprad started selling furniture out of the back of his hatchback, and flat packing was the most sensible way to deliver the goods.
  • IKEA is 55yrs old, in 34 countries, and over 250 stores.