louis vuitton men's 2007/08 winter/fall

the wonderful peeps at lv have launched the 2007/08 men's collection. i must say, the collection has taken off with clothing and is on a much more tailored, urban man-sexy look with marc jacobs as the leader of the pack. sexy chocolates mixed with punches of colour in the right mix. the legal brief sized back will be a hot one... and yes i want one already. brown with the purple edging... uber-sexy. you can watch the whole show here.

i have fallen in love with the underground subway feel of the show. i don't know where all the boys are going with their bags... they disappear but never show up at my door! there were some crazy-ass glowing orange shoes... don't know with those came in... have i ever said how much i love lv?

les news:

+ updates to coreydesign are complete. click here for details.
+ the modern list adds vancouver bc. well, with all the shops and junk we're gettin'... s'about time! [source]
+ k, throwing it out there... so uber-tired of hearing about britney "mishapps" spears and anna nicole. phew... that was a hard one.
+ we all know sk sucks, but isn't this a bit over-board? really!?!
+ watch your humps, your humps...

it's was pretty low key this we... although mark and i had a good run around the whole d/t core yesterday. i think i was a bit of a slave driver... but apparently he likes that a bit. i proceeded to pursue my homework and hashed out some really good stuff. we attempted to watch a flick but i fell asleeep in my baby's lap - it was 9pm. we had an awesome brunch at the central this am, the waitress was a bit off her rocker but eh... when aren't we all? i picked up a cool north face jacket (of course it's in blue) and stroked the need for an umbrella off my shopping list! horah!!

peace. corey.