born again virgin

touched for the very first time, branson hold a globe after exploding his carbon foot print by launching into space. the virgin earth challenge will be open for 5 years (too long) with a panel of judges (oh great, more bureaucracy) for a $25mil prize in removing 1bil tones of carbon gases from the atmosphere for 10 year... um... how about trading in that hummer for a smart car? sorry branson, this is simply not good enough. go big or go home. [source] what will it take for ya'll to see that the tipping point is history? this? this? this?

you'll shoot your eye out
[foul language warning]

seriously! what the fuck are children doing playing with guns!!! omg i can't even begin to think how stark ravin' mad i am about this one... i still think people should have iq test for getting a cell phone, let alone having children!! never never never... to this day i will not even participate in any type of thing that has a gun - water guns included. i don't think that it's my pacifist mennonite upbringing that makes me feel this way. it's just not right to even have one child around a gun, but two?!? ugh... has some crazy ass stats on this.

now that's something to shake your wiener at

i proudly admit that i'm all man before the shower and all woman in and after the shower. i absolutely HATE it when j moves the bathmat... oh well, what is a girl to do... [source]

lessen bitte:

i'm very pleased that mariela from the designer superstar challenge ( has had some email banter with me since i posted the unforch "disco'ing" fr corspace. whatevs, all h2o under the trusses now. i had a job interview this week, we'll see how that goes. studies and work seem to be providing so much work that i either need a maid or a pa. hopefully i can have a blog/myspace free weekend... no disasters peeps. keep it all under control.

xo, corey.