top 10: shopping list

zowie! I haven't done one of these in a über-time. wtf happs?

1. Umbrella - old one broke last week... TEARS! I wonder if Eddie Bauer still sells them.
2. Headphones for iPod - I've blown out the left side. Fergilicious!
3. Metric architectural scale - homework requirements.
4. Make a portable drafting board - maybe someone will see this and loan me theirs... No furniture pls.
5. Valentines something... Ack! Small mini dv deck. This shit's über $$$.
6. Nelly's cd - except promiscious... I've overplayed it. Barfy.
7. A P.A. - for work & home... Must work for nuts & be tres-hilar.
8. A maid - maybe that for VD? Must be hot like beck$. No PA then...
9. This seasons hottest diesels. Yum!
10. Skin for coreyQ - poor girl's getting smacked around.

mariela is my superstar

POW! hit in the kisser... so turns out that mariela didn't disco me... "corporate liableity" issues are at stake... very unforch. would be uber-tastic to watch the progress from a contestant perspective.

hey mariela & friend: uber-thx for the comment/fwd. the show is snoresville, not you... i only remembered the situ when i fliped by so best of luck! and make sure you follow thru to the end with you design. anna simone is a toughie - but a great mentor.

passionate sisters

uber-surprised to see scissor sisters pull this pub stunt on passions (apparently thats a daytime soap opera)... a very tame jack shears, i might add.