designer supe... zzzzz... zzz... huh? what?

last night was the 2nd season premiere of the designer superstar challenge... the desnore supersnore challenge... and seriously... wtf mariela... you ask to be my friend but now your disco'd from my friend list... superSHUNNED! whatevs... well this show is dunzo... oh todd?!? have room on your top snore show? maybe they were thinking of this blog when they were shooting. although i wouldn't mine picking anna simone's brain...

press release: reel love

This year, we celebrate New Cineworks with our Valentine's theme: 'Reel Love'.
New Cineworks is an annual screening of new films by members of Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society. The program represents the diverse nature of the organizations and seeks to represent a variety of film interests and genres, while still creating an innovative and engaging program. The aim is also to expose audiences to kinds of film making they may otherwise not have an opportunity to see and to ignite excitement for local filmmakers and explore the spaces between art and indie.


The Call - 2006, minidv, 11min. Director: Jason Karman
On his way to the airport, Sebastian gets a call that could change his life.

woot! see the full deets here at cineworks. mark your pda/rims ladies!

sarah silverman's convenient truth