too much coreycoffee

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i don't know about you, but i absolutely <3 that i can send jason out to sbux and they know what i want when he orders something else for me.

j: can i please get a tall americano?
a: [strange look]
j: it's for corey. and can i get a tall nf cm?
erin: [from the bar, looking at jason holding the tall cup] is this your drink?
j: no, it's for corey.
erin: that's not what corey has. he normally has a quad grande 3/4 full americano.
j: oh ok ya.

thanks for saving my moring guys.

daily meditation

despite the appearance of being separate individuals, we are all connected to patterns of intelligence governing the cosmos. - deepak chopra

hrmm... human activity was "very likely" the cause of global warming and that higher temperatures and rising sea levels would continue for centuries, regardless of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. [source]

west end stabbing

on feb 1, 2007: A 28-year-old man is in critical but stable condition in St. Paul’s Hospital after being stabbed in the neck during a sidewalk altercation in the West End Thursday evening. Vancouver Police Const. Tim Fanning said the victim, whose name was not released, was part of a group which emerged from a restaurant [lolitas] in the 1300-block of Davie Street around 8:15 p.m. Members of the group exchanged words with a man [supposedly homeless, looking like a drug addict] on a mountain bike who was riding past them on the sidewalk. Moments later, the victim left the group and was walking alone on the south sidewalk when the rider returned, jumped off his bike, and stabbed him in the neck. ugh. prolly asked "man" for $$$... this speaks to the homeless problem that we have in vancouver. major incov as i was knackered from 2 days @ school and trying to walk home b/c there were no buses.. my mom just reminded me of a quote from Albert Einstein that it takes a smarter man to solve the problem than it did to create the problem in the first place. i don't know... we don't have a job shortage so maybe it's all the crack! [source] [thanks dylstar!]


ew ew ew.

spent most of the day on homework... although i had a wonderful run w/pj through the park! es regnet über paradies heute... barfy. j & i went out to dinner @ pho no 1 vietnamese restaurant (1120 denman st, best pho in the west end girls!). they were playing hooked on classics 2: can't stop the classics... oh how i fondly remember that lp... sitting in the basement rec room with the big headphones on... (our rec room was hot! mom decked it out in wallpaper inspired by antiques, and dad build this uber cool entertainment centre - very hot) anyway, back to pho. the vietnamese family is wonderful! always so nice. then it was back home where we're upgrading our 2000 ms office to 2007... that things been out almost as long as jason and i have been together. ah mems.