happy groundhog day

well, spring is near. i'm 31.5 today, and i want to be 18 again and have someone smack me around saying "what? fine arts? why do that?!?". totally not going to happen, but it's what i want.

louis vouitton spring 2007

speaking of, lv's new spring 2007 line launched... for men, spring ushers in a relaxed mood with an accent on sophisticated details and luxurious fabrics. the signature of the collection is the hibiscus print, which is combined with elegant monochromes and bold flashes of color (sp!) to create and air of knowing nonchalance. SOLD! where do a buy a man like that?

not too keen on the hibiscus print - so last year. we all know what comes after spring... leo's roar! they have some cool valentines gifts too this year.

global warming is the new black

there's storms (florida), there's no snow until after christmas, hurricanes, flooding in asia... and now you want to listen to the science? what does the science tell you? what has everyone been telling you? sheesh...
ya know, i don't understand why people have been barking about climate change for years and years; and finally the tories make it their adgenda to make sure they listen. what are they deflecting? click here for cbc's interactive climate change map

jt coming around

before you can see the new justin video on mtv...check out a sneak peek of "what goes around...comes around" starring scarlett johansson. watch it now exclusively on JustinTimberlake.com... get ready for the full video available on iTunes starting february 9th!

snarl... totally choppy... can't even get a good look. FIX IT, YOUR ROYAL HOTNESS!

news for my 1/2 birthday:

young love

thx pj for the lead, thx trent @ pitnb for spreading the wealth... i <3 ny!