what's your carbon footprint?


from what i can see, my carbon footprint is 6446 CO2's in kg per year. to stop global warming i (and everyone in the world btw, needs to reduce to below 2500 kg/yr). i then did it on climatecrisis.net and i reached 0.1 and the average is 7.5... yikes!

i guess i could turn the tv off (but george is on the hour right now! and btw... i don't know how a 5 year old can be a born again christian when they're only 5... but hey, what do i know anyway)... but i already run, hang the laundry instead of dry it, use low e bulbs, and take transit to get everywhere... what more can i do? turn off the tv i guess...

calulators: carbonfootprint.com / climatecrisis.net