"green" design is good design

i don't know how many times i have to say this, but as an emerging interior designer i have the opportunity to make a shift. i've mentioned it before, subtly, but it seems to keep creeping up lately.
global warming is here. let's stop it so our children can live.
"There’s a truly gigantic design opportunity here. We have to re-design the structures, institutions and processes that drive the economy along. We have to transform material, energy and resource flows that, unchecked, will finish us." joshua kauffman [source, source]
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speaking of dwell...
article: vancovuer maneuvers

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"The positive side of the story is that all of the units are relatively high-end, so they get furnished very well. For some reason or another, there’s a much more sensitive market to well-designed objects than to well-designed buildings. The majority of people will agree that an iPod is beautiful, but then they’ll go and spend their life savings on a very mediocre condo." [source]

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