Beautiful Indonesia

Sometimes it's hard to imagine that such a beautiful place exists, other times it's hard to imagine that we're home. I absolutely loved Indo, and everything about it (including the hawkers, traffic, and pollution.) I am so thankful that we can live in a prosperous country where greed and wealth aren't always the indicators of a successful life. I also regret that because of our civility and politics, we are unable to make leaps of faith or advances in other areas of life like technology and respect for your fellow neighbor. Here are some highlights:

  • Dolphin watching with Ketut (the first one we met). See the video here.
  • Snorkeling with Adek.
  • Touring the Balinese countryside and back roads with Ketut (the second one, but Ketut number four)
  • Balinese cooking classes at Adjani's and the wonderful staff there. The food was amazing!
  • Spraining my ankle while shopping with the chef from Adjani's.
  • Shopping at Hardy's (sounds like Ar-dis) and it was pouring rain.
  • The endless warungs (cafe's) in Lovina.
  • Snorkeling again with Adek, this time he caught an octopus.
  • Swimming at Angsoka with Jason.
  • Gunung Batur (volcano) on a foggy, rainy day and we couldn't see a thing.
  • Bali Coffee and their plantation.
  • Touring from Lovina to Ubud with Ketut number four. What a great guy.
  • Monkey's in Ubud.
  • Getting sick in Ubud, but what a great hotel! (Sri Bungalows)
  • Kuta/Legian beaches.
  • Rain, and more rain outside our hotel (Legian Village) in Kuta.
  • Rosie (actually called Ketut again) and her bracelets that I know she overcharged me for, but I didn't mind.
  • Yogikarta and the Sultan's Palace tour guide ("Religik and politik, always fighting, fighting, fighting" as our guide said)
  • Bourabodour.
  • Prambanan.
  • Falling asleep watching Indo TV at Asia-Afrika Hotel.
  • Wings Air from all our citys.
  • Aunty Felecia, Emak, Uncle Freddy, Addie, Eddie, Aundy Linda, Cousin Jeanette, Shopping, shopping.
  • Bakmi Gadjah Mada Noodle house... Oh! My! God! Thanks to Aunty Felecia on this one!
  • Dunia Fantasi in Jakarta.

Our photos from Indonesia can be viewed at MSN.