Report: IMM Cologne / LivingKitchen 2019

Mid-January 2019 I made the huge trip to IMM Cologne in Köln, DEU because ever since entering my professional design career this show was often venerated by my peers. LivingKitchen happens every 2 years and it was touted as the pinnacle of all kitchen design shows and I was super excited. So, I programmed my valuable vacation around getting in-and-out of Köln and traveled more than 10,000km.


Stop the pink velvet bucket chairs

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.06.44 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.07.12 AM.png

In pink, light green, teal, and gold with the exposed nordic birch plywood moulded leg or a brushed brass leg. It was sickening how frequently this bucket chair appeared. These types of furniture products are so widely available and I really am at a loss to explain why they are even a trend or stylish anymore. Please stop this insanity.


Colourful curves & swurves

Everything that is hard line and angular is rather basic - but stunning! Take the Schönbuch furniture line out of Germany, for example. A lot of furniture and style was based on the rounded, tufted, folded, and geometrical accents of a contemporary movement to take away harsh and strong lines. We are tired of the hardness off it all.


Jewel tones

A lot of edgy vendors were showing off the jewel tones in their upholstery fabric options. Take Bretz, for example, a slightly more edgy Roche Bobois style but a lot of that folded upholstery that everyone is hot for right now.

Traveling 10,000 km to IMM Cologne was not valuable

I’m guessing by the tone that you may now realize that aside from 2-3 brands, IMM Cologne & LivingKitchen is a disappointment. I am grateful that one of my brand clients gave me a personal tour of their booth (and they even covered the bill for two show tickets at CAD$200 each) yet, on the whole, the 22 stadium-sized areas of show floor proved that IMM Cologne & LivingKitchen is a failing show. There were so many instances where staff at booths were too involved in their own smartphones or sales meetings during trade days. On one occasion we were simply told “I can’t help you.” I wonder if they realize that within 5 years that their jobs will be replaced by algorithms and interactive devices. The show was basic.

Refresh: White Subway Tile

White subway tiles are a staple in kitchen and bath design, invoking a timeless feel. BUT no one said you have to stick to the plain white, glazed ceramic ones were so used to seeing. Take a turn for the modern by playing with texture, size and style to add some interest, while preserving the classic design feature. Here is a round-up of some of our favourites, with a fresh take. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.49.07 AM.png



If you want to stay with a traditional option, there are a few things you can do to switch it up and play with pattern. 

Here are some tried and true subway tiles, and patterns to compliment them. 

Here are some tried and true subway tiles, and patterns to compliment them. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.59.00 AM.png

Not all backsplashes and shower details have to be the same old subway, done in the obvious way. Experiment and create a focal point that you will love just as much as the favourable classic design!

Top Colours of 2018: Outside the BOX

Open Studio, IDS Vancouver 2018

Open Studio, IDS Vancouver 2018

2018 is among us and so are the new paint and colour trends to watch, but here at Corey Klassen Interior Design we like to start trends, not follow them. We have been working hard to be the front runners for luxury design, and along the way have developed a style that is ever evolving but stays true to our more contemporary roots. We aren't afraid to jump into colour and texture though and that is exactly what we are known for.

Top Picks for 2018

Here are some top picks for colour trends for 2018, and lets show you how we are already incorporating them: 


Cedar Creek, 2017 Corey Klassen, CMKBD

Cedar Creek, 2017 Corey Klassen, CMKBD

Cedar Creek is a great example of how mixing pastels with the pattern of a geometric gives a modern feel, but without the cold shoulder associated with stark lines. Who doesn't love a good tile ombre?


Coal Harbour Apartment, 2017 Corey Klassen, CMKBD(Photography is on it's way)

Coal Harbour Apartment, 2017 Corey Klassen, CMKBD(Photography is on it's way)

The Coal Harbour Apartment is an off the charts cool space, fully customized and built-in. This apartment spares no attention to detail to create a relaxed but luxurious feel. The warm taupe cabinets match tones with the herringbone hardwood and one-of-a-kind dining table, evoking unity. Don't forget to look up at those amazing Bocci fixtures!


IDS West Booth, 2017 Corey Klassen, CMKBD

IDS West Booth, 2017 Corey Klassen, CMKBD

We participated in IDS West this year, and we decided to break all the rules. Trying to incorporate as many patterns, textures and colours as possible, yet still have a visually appealing space is a risk worth taking. With the array of mediums going on we grounded the space with the Millennial Pink to have a cohesive effect with the neutral tone.  


Hunter Park, 2017 Patrizia Stripe, AKBD (In-progress)

Hunter Park, 2017 Patrizia Stripe, AKBD (In-progress)

Last but not least a blue kitchen thats jam-packed with punch. Navy blue has been incorporated all over this design with the tiles, cabinetry and the custom upholstered bench seat fabric. Patrizia is not afraid of colour! Even with a monochromatic colour scheme there is visual interest coming from the variety of saturation and hue. 

The collection of ongoing and completed projects above is just a small sample of the wide variety of work being done in our studio every day, we aren't afraid to step outside the box to push the limits of design. 

Stay tuned for what we have up our sleeve, you're not going to want to miss it!