Friday Style Guide: Modern Pendants

Lighting has taken a turn for the modern and industrial, it seamlessly adds a clean component to any interior style. Adding contrast, modern pendants are an easy way to elevate a deign. Below are 13 fixtures to make even the traditionalists, modern believers. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 9.56.13 AM.png

1 - Mantra Lighting // 2 - CB2 // 3 - Kichler // 4 - Cedar + Moss // 5 - LBL Lighting // 6 - Mitzi //          7 - Cedar + Moss // 8 - Schoolhouse Electric // 9 - CB2 // 10 - ET2 // 11- Hudson Valley //                 12 - Schoolhouse Electric // 13 - Maxim Lighting

Even the best piece can look sub-par if not installed correctly. Keep reading to find a few tips of the trade that will make your statement fixtures, POP!

Hot Tip #1: Hanging Height 

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 11.27.07 AM.png

As a rule of them having the bottom of the fixture 60" above the finished floor will always create a balanced look. But if you want to get more specific these are a few of the common places in the house that pendants are used: 

  1. DINING ROOM - A 30" dining table is standard so if you go 30" from the table top you will get the ideal height. If you want more of a statement, place the fixtures between 24"-28" above the dining table top. 
  2. VANITY HEIGHT - having pedants in bathrooms is very trendy right now, to achieve this look place the pendants at eye level, or 60" above the finished floor. Get ready to have an Instagram ready bathroom!
  3. KITCHEN CABINET - 36" kitchen cabinet height is standard, 32"-36" from top of countertop to bottom of fixture, depending on the shape and proportion will be the most visually sounds. 
  4. BAR HEIGHT - At 42" the bar really shines with pendents to ground the elongated portion. 24"-26" from the top of the bar surface the bottom of the fixture, and you will be ready to CHEERS in no time. 

Hot Tip #2: Light Temperature 

The colour temperature of a light is measured in Kelvins, which means when the light is turned on is it producing a warm yellow light, or a cool blue light. Both ranges of light colour are important to the overall appearance and use-ability of the space. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 11.47.45 AM.png

A good rule of thumb is to look for a colour temperature between 2700K (lower contrast) and 3700K (higher contrast for tasks).

Lighting is an important feature of any space, now with the knowledge you have from our designer hot tips, you will be confident selecting lighting for any part of your home! Play around and have fun with different fixtures to create a focal point.