Open Studio-Pattern Explored: IDS Vancouver 2017

We're excited to announce that Corey Klassen Interior Design is participating in Open Studio this year at IDS Vancouver in September! This year's theme is "Pattern Explored" and features the stylish and cozy wallpapers of Hygge & West out of Portland, OR. There are 7 notable design firms participating this year and we can't wait to show off what we've come up with.


What's "Hygge"?

Hygge, pronounced "HUE-ge", is a concept of being cozy and comfortable that provides a sense of well-being or contentment. It's a mouthful, and not so much a design aesthetic as it is a way of living, atmosphere, or style. Architectural Digest did a recent fluff piece on a modern take of hygge, but it's not quite right and it's an ever evolving and adapting interpretation.

Perhaps this video better explains:

Video: Visit Denmark

Why This Format?

As a professional design firm, it is challenging for us to present new ideas, concepts, and strategies for all walks of life. We have big ideas, some of them are pretty out there, but we are often faced with a client's parameter of style or budget that prevents us from executing a vision into our interpretation of the aesthetic or reality. The IDS Open Studio provides us a space to show off these ideas, grand or otherwise, in a controlled environment.

Our Partners

We are ever eternally grateful to our partners for helping us pull off this concept. It's as much our concept as it is their skills and quality that we're pleased to put in front of you. Our list is growing as we finalize the details, but so far:

Stay tuned for more!!