We're Shifting Things Around A Bit

Starting next week, you'll be able to find us across the hall at #307. It's been a bit of a wait with permits, moving a wall, ordering materials - but it is what we do an par for the course.

The spaces isn't massive, we're adding on another 100 sf, but commercial rents in Vancouver proper continue to be just as challenging as residential. We have a great owner (they may also own a hockey team) and being in a historic building we feel at home.

A Sneak Peak

Here it is! If you've been watching our Instagram, you may have seen this: 


It was pink, orange, and nasty brown carpet original from when people smoked in their offices. 

The Space Plan


Workstations on one side, sample room on the other, with room to entertain, I mean meet professionally with clients. We have seriously maximized the storage and workspaces and if you've worked with us you know we work well digitally, so work surfaces are minor to our design methods. Nothing is ever perfect, like owners projects budgets are always a parameter and we could have moved the door at considerable costs, but it didn't add more value to break through the original brick load-bearing partition. 

Opening Party, You Ask? 

We have a lot coming up in the next few months but you can look forward to a small event toward the end of August - after the crazy summer vacation period.