We're Six.

I don't know how that happened, but we turned six last week and what a feeling! There have been so many, many changes in the last six years and as we embark on our next design studio expansion we thought we could reflect on some of our past successes. If you're in this business or are just getting started, I hope you can hear my sage advice:

The first project at Corey Klassen Interior Design.

The first project at Corey Klassen Interior Design.


Being an industry leader is key in any new business. Through volunteerism at the NKBA as a Chapter Officer, I expanded my professional and personal skills when working as a solo independent designer. I volunteered on every NKBA board I could - locally and internationally. Later, I began to instruct design classes at a local design college and that just cemented all the learnings and passion that I had within me.

Brand Collaboration

I've been very lucky to work with many brands, but two brands stick out as the biggest collaborators with me and my business.

  1. DXV
  2. BLANCO Canada Inc.

Both these brands have been huge supporters of my ideas, advisors on key business decisions, and even connectors to the bigger picture of the interior design industry.

Professional Development

Never stop learning! Never. I recently achieved my Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD) designation and that has been a huge amount of work and effort. It was a large investment in time and money but I'm not done yet. The National Certificaiton of Interior Designer Qualification (NCIDQ) is next. I was a little late to the party on this one and was eligible over 7 years ago, but I look forward to becoming a Certified Interior Designer next.

1st Place, Small Kitchen, 2015 NKBA Design Competition (Las Vegas, NV)

1st Place, Small Kitchen, 2015 NKBA Design Competition (Las Vegas, NV)

Award Entries

Some designers will tell you that award entries are a distraction from doing business - but I disagree. Yes, they take time to enter and they do cost money, but when you win it is amazing! Your drawing package and good photography is key!


Growing a business can't be done in a silo or at a home office. If that's what you want to do, you have to find the gems out there and nurture good talent. Create a culture of happy, hard-working, and eager-to-learn individuals and success will just happen.

Thank you to all our clients, suppliers, makers, trades, and allied professionals who keep us on our toes! We look forward to more connections and collaborations.