Q&A: Top 3 from IDSWest



It was a busy weekend, last. IDSWest knocked another big and beautiful show out of the preverbal PNW ballpark again. It's such a great show now, and so. much. happened. For the first time in IDSWest history, my break-out session with Judith A. Neary, CMKBD was sold out; and if that wasn't a banner day to report, I don't know what is. Through all the talks, the conversations, the presentation on the Wellness Shift I delivered on Sunday afternoon, there were three questions that I kept getting asked over and over again. Here's how they broke down:

Q1. What paint colours do I use on the walls?

A1. I'm a big advocate for Benjamin Moore Regal Select Utili-Matte in any colour, but I like Decorators White CC-20 and Cloud White OC-130. I know, finishing painters complaint that the Utili-Matte is more difficult to work with but I like the glare avoidance and that it disguises any imperfections in a renovation. That, and it can be washed with soap and water without looking pigment.

I also use the same paint on the baseboards and door casings, but in a Satin finish. For accent walls or other colours, I'll play with the sheen from satin to gloss, depending on the application, because the more glossy it is the more perfect the wall has to be.


Decorators White CC-20

Decorators White CC-20



Cloud White OC-130

Cloud White OC-130


Q2. How many projects do I run at one time?

A2. Anywhere from 8 to 24, but the average is 12 to 16. Yes, it keeps us busy, but the scope and clients vary so it all depends on the season. Our high seasons are January to April and July to October. Because we stack our projects together, we often book quite far out in advance.

Q3. How to you keep from going too crazy with your clients?

A3. My mantra is "We are here to be of service, but we are not at your service" meaning: we really want to help solve those complex design problems and have a good experience together, but we are not personal design assistants and our clients have work they have to do too. Showing up, being present, and keeping a positive attitude are the biggest elements of service.

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