Designer Gone Wild at #blogtourLDN & @JennAirUSA


Jenn-Air: Designer Experience

In a few weeks I'm headed to an exclusive designer experience with Jenn-Air at the World of Whirlpool in downtown Chicago. A group of designers are invited every year to this event and I am thrilled to be on the list with plenty of gratitude and thanks to Ms. Judith Neary CMKBD for the high praise. My local guru, Al Pattison CMKBD, 2008 NKBA Past President and co-instructor at VCC, says I'm in for a huge treat with Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS where one of my kitchens happens to be featured front and centre in a "future focus/think tank"... who knew!

BlogTour: The World. Designed

This fall I'm off to London, U.K. care of BlogTour and Modenus and we are headed to the London Design Festival and no one could be more honoured than I. You'll notice I added the badge to my sidebar, feel free to click and explore more about the who's who in the gene pool of design writers. Watch the hash-tag #blogtourLDN all over the place as we take the world by storm.

About #BlogTourLDN:

BlogTour is an initiative that is as much about creating exposure for and awareness of the events and its sponsors as it is about putting the spotlight on the talented bloggers that participate and stress their influence as essential players in digital media.

More info here.

 About London Design Festival:

What else?

I'm working on something so cool, so special, and so exciting. It's going to take a lot of work, a lot of effort, but most of all it is going to be like nothing I have ever done before and I am really excited about it. I can't wait to share more details with you soon.