Surprise at #buenavista


In a recent example at #buenavista project, I arrived at the clients home a little nervous because I knew some surface ideas had been tossed around. What really ended up happening is that I misunderstood the surface selection and was completely unprepared. The horror! It was a colour I had never considered before and my designer brain froze; I began to panic. After the initial shock and horror wore off, I looked at the Cambria Nottingham sample I had and decided right then an there to waive my fairy wand and make magic happen, only be to surprised by another complicated HVAC issue (hence chunky post in middle of room.)

I have to admit, it's not the easiest to re-design a condo kitchen, move all the plumbing to the opposite wall and add a re-circulating hood-vent instead, but clever disguises and a slightly-inflated ego seem to be the cure-all for these types of surprises.

Now that the dust has settled a little bit, I can focus on the rest of the project.

LRJR Kitchen 2