On the design desk: This cup, this coaster.


thiscupThis cup

This cup is something I made back in Fine Arts school where I majored in Ceramics. I love this cup. I makes me happy in every single possible way. It's both a mug and a cup, to be honest, and it is an original Corey Klassen, stamped too.

I made this cup out of a white high-fire clay-body that only I have the recipe for because I invented it. I'm not bragging, it's just a lost art form - clay mixing. It was slab-formed which means that I rolled out the clay to just the right thickness, cut out the bottom and cut out the sides, then formed them together with slip. The cup is covered in a glaze, but I can't remember the name of it now, and I also have the recipe. There is a modern wheat sheaf on it, being a prairie boy and all.

I love to drink out of it when ever I can. This cup used to have a bowl and a plate but the plate broke and I have not been able to find the bowl since 1998. I can only assume the bowl is lost.

Over the years, this cup has held wine, coffee, water, soda and even pens. That's what I like to use it for now, so it will not be broken or lost again.

thiscoasterThis coaster

This coaster is something I inherited from my Great Grandpa Loewen. Don't ask me how it ended up in my possession, in my home, much like the little horses that my Great Grandpa Klassen gave my Dad. I really have no way to trace its record or history because no one can really recall where or how it came to me.

I've worn out this coaster and its screened German hymn, or tune, I can not tell anymore. I try to be delicate and not put anything on it that will make the texts disappear but wearing of time is inevitable.

I suppose it is ironic that "Seel und Leib. A-men." is not worn away. The mind-body  problem is one that has stumped philosophers of critical thinking for a while and it is likely my philosophy class in university that really opened my mind to be objective with what I see.

No matter, really. It's just a object, like the cup, that helps focus my attentions and intentions.