Principal & Owner

Corey Klassen, CMKBD

Corey is a professional interior designer with 20 years of industry and related experience. He is a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD) and an Accredited Member of the Designers & Decorators Association of Canada (DDA). His mastery-level experience comes complete with extensive examinations on residential interior design, college-level instructional appointments, and design community leadership experience.

Corey began his career inspired at an Architecture firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, interning at only 16 years old. His B.F.A. is in ceramics with a minor in graphic design from the School of Art at the University of Manitoba. His received an honors up graduating from his local interior design diploma program and is an instructor with the NKBA. His clients include luxury brands like BLANCO Canada and Perlick and in 2014 he was an inaugural design panelist with the coveted DXV plumbing brand.

When not designing, Corey is a runner on a permanent convalescent and enjoy hikes up our local beautiful mountains. He is also traveling and experiencing our great human history in architecture, interiors, and art.

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Core Value #1

Value Engineering

We understand home and business owners are working professionals (and likely overloaded in their personal lives) and making thousands of little decisions about design, style, and budget is overwhelming. We recognize that not all products are created equal and none of Clients have been identical. That is why by leveraging our experience and knowledge, we do not look at all the options, but rather we find the best options for you and your project.


Core Value #2

Organize the Details

Embarking on a custom design-build project is complex, expensive, and stressful. The majority of home or business owners complete 1 project in their lifetime; there is little to prevent them from a costly mistake or omitting an important design detail you wanted. We have successfully completed over 200 projects in 8 years and we make it our business to cover all the details. Hiring us as your design professional is your best insurance policy.


Core Value #3

Always Be Learning

… and talk the talk. An important part of our business is to follow our Professional Code of Conduct with the right protections for our Clients. We have our professional insurances, licences, and continuing education requirements where we are always learning and doing better. We are members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), Designers & Decorators Association of Canada (DDA), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

General Q&A

1. Why do I need a qualified interior designer?

Much like planning your route before a trip, qualified interior designers save you time and money because we design and problem solve spaces virtually and technically before it's built.

If you think hiring a qualified interior designer is expensive, wait until you hire an ameture.

2. How do you charge?

We bill by flat fee. Our fees are calculated based upon the square footage we are working in multiplied by the type of service and complexity. Fees are billed at the commencement of each phase except for the Administration Phase #4, which is pay-per-use.

4. Who hires the Contractor or other Allied Professionals?

You will enter into contracts with them separately. This is called a Joint-Contract scenario, where the Contractor, Client, and Creative work together to complete a project. We will provide you with the conceptual layouts and preliminary specifications to use for bidding with proponents.

We are not Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, General Contractors, Builders - as is customary in the Interior Design industry. It is a great misunderstanding brought to you by television.

5. Can I use your designer discounts and purchase direct?

All the products and materials we provide for design projects are marked-up because we take liability for the product, ensure it is ordered correctly, monitor quality, schedule delivery and receive and inspect the products at the delivery location. In addition, should a warranty item arise, we will work with you directly for a resolution. This is our business model. It's important to understand that if you intend to purchase products and materials on your own that our "complexity factor" will be adjusted to a higher amount in order to accomodate the loss of revenue.

We do not shop at retail stores.

Services & Process

6. What do I need to get started?

By now, you should have a semblance of what your inspiration is, an investment amount, and timeline of when you would like the project completed. In addition, you will need existing or an Architectural plans.

7. How will we communicate?

During the design process, we will use a combination of Client Portal messaging, face-to-face Design Meetings, and telephone calls to communicate. We do not use text messages or emails because they interrupt our workflow (making us less efficient) and get lost in the mix. Our Client Portal ensures that we are spam-free and that we can see and respond to your Message.

8. What do I need for design meetings?

Clients will need to make time for Design Meetings and take their own notes, record decisions, itemize their own deliverables. Please keep our Design Meetings ontrack and on-time by putting your devices on silent.

9. How involved will I be during the process?

All projects require the involvement of Clients because you are financing the work.

10. What products and goods are available through you?

We have pre-vetted suppliers and manufacturers for cabinetry, cabinet hardware, countertops, decorative lighting fixtures, furnishings, rugs, custom upholstery, window coverings, custom window drapery, wallpaper and installation, art and accessories.

11. Will I need a building permit?

The vast majority of renovation and construction work we do requires a building permit. Always allow for a minimum of 6 weeks for permit application processing with the Authority Having Jurisdiction.