Our Process: Explained

Our projects are residential and commercial projects and either new construction or renovations. We customize interiors within architectural elements, using natural daylighting lighting, selecting sustainable materials or fixtures, and for the users of the space - you and your family, customers and clients - in collaboration with allied professionals, general contractors, and trades.

Why Choose Us

We are proven experts in our field of practice and offer our clients a design process rooted in their projects success. We recognize that our industry is confusing, but we're changing that.


Flat design fees

Our proposals contain valued-engineered flat design fees depending on the project scope & budget. This means a tangible line item design fee budget with up to 3 invoices for a project.


certified professional Designers

Our Design Team have the gold-star, baseline certification standards you can trust. As a Vancouver-based design firm, we work in the only municipality with it's own building code in Canada.


experienced Professionals

Interior design services are much more about resolving design dilemmas within the project parameters than it is about pretty details. We focus on solutions that are safe and functional.


monitor your project

Using a secure online platform, we communicate together, inspire the project, review and approve project selections, make payments to invoices, and accept estimates in one platform.

One stop for everything design

We are a one-stop shop for every interior design need. From plumbing fixtures, furniture, window coverings, to our own custom cabinetry, we provide purchasing, management, delivery & installation.