our mission

We design, curate and implement creative solutions for Clients in-and-around cooking and bathing spaces that are customized to their own personal values and aesthetic.

Our Services

As professional interior designers, we focus on the safety, wellness, access and sustainability of the inhabitants or users of a space. Each of our Professional Services include detailed construction drawing, product selections, and 24/7 access to your project using our online Studio. All of the designs we produce for your project can be easily downloaded and shared.



Interior living environments require focus on vistas, function, space planning & activity zones. Extended spaces beyond the kitchen & bath are adjusted for maintenance, sound & light while planned for universal & multi-generational designs with emphasis on a lasting investment based in strong lifestyle choices.

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The most complex & high-investment rooms require the skills of a master to offer the highest return on your investment, whether it be financial or wellness. We are well-known for working in challenging & awkward spaces with careful space planning & using material pallet that is sustainable & responsible.



We unify a design aesthetic into highly-styled rooms & are known for our layered details. Our style reflects you and your tastes. Using our vetted local makers, factories & artisans, we will finish your space with custom goods, unique touches, colour, pattern, & warmth. Come home to a customized and styled space just for you.



Gaining the benefit of an experience of Corey, an award-winning designer, his Designer For A Day styling service allows you to focus on 2 rooms within 6 hours of personal one-on-one time (plus lunch.) This works for all types of rooms and focuses on visiting local showrooms.


Art Consultations

Curating, sourcing + placing artwork is a challenge for most homeowners. We work with your existing pieces, re-frame / layout, and source new pieces for your collection locally or internationally. Hanging is always performed by professionals and we will even create new art for your needs.


Specification PackageS

Some projects have a complete Architectural Schematics and only require the sourcing, selection + coordination of finish materials and window coverings. Using our sample library, we will select materials that fit within your design aesthetic, budget needs, and timeline.


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