What we do for you

You may be looking for a modernization, an update, or a change, or you may also be looking for a high level of interior detailing that expresses your lifestyle, but mostly you are looking for someone who is a planning, building code, and functional expert.

Here’s how we can help you deliver those expectations:

  • Spacial Design Ability - With a natural born ability to see in three-dimensions, we visualize your space in real-time. We are creative artists and can maximize a cohesive design vision that suits your needs. Not only do we visualize, but we conceptualize and categorize within fiscal responsibility.
  • Analyse Needs & Goals - We are complex design problem solvers and helpers. With extensive and ongoing professional development, we understand the local building codes and their requirements by integrating them into the overall design. We have successfully completed over 160 projects in the last 8 years and worked with hundreds of clients.
  • Oversee Project Budgeting & Schedule - We save you time and money. We have the industry contacts, we have the samples, we know the products, and we know the suppliers. For any product we provide to you under contract, our discounted pricing is extended to you.
  • Complete Construction Documents - With a detailed set of construction drawings and a complete specification package, every allied professional and trade on your project site will be able to execute and do what they do best – build. We provide you with floor plans, electrical/communication, lighting, interior elevations, and perspectives for all parties to complete your project.
  • Professional & Ethical Practice - We are certified professionals with a legal business licenses and insurances. You will be covered from any design mistakes on our part (we’re all human.) Our NKBA Code of Professional Conduct guides our business practices and ethics. We are constantly upgrading our skills and maintain our professional certifications be being an innovator and leader in design.
  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment - We procure and supply you with cabinetry and are proud Nickels Custom Cabinets dealers and also provide you with complete quality control, fabrication, delivery, and installation. CKID supplies you with custom countertops, decorative hardware, and beautiful plumbing fixtures – all at lower than retail costs. When it comes to decorating, our trade only services provide you with selected furniture, window coverings, decorative lighting fixtures, and so much more – we help you complete all the details by coordinating all aspects for you and saving your time and money.
  • Increase our ROI - We will make you money. Investing in our services will increase the return on your property investment. Not only will your space function well, it will look great, it will be published, and it will boost the value of your home substantially.

Small Projects: CLICK HERE to see how we work on small projects like kitchens & bathrooms

Large Projects: CLICK HERE to see how we work on custom homes and renovations.