It’s difficult to understand what the true value a professional brings to the table when you are inundated with television shows and internet information telling you what interior design is all about. Yes, you can always do it yourself, but this is what CKID is:

  • Spatial Design Ability - We formulate preliminary space plans in two- or three-dimensional design concept studies and sketches that integrate your needs and priorities. We base our knowledge of the principles of interior design, elements of interior design, and theories of human behaviour (or athropomorphic study, to get a bit scientific)
  • Analyze Needs & Goals – We research and analysis of your goals and requirements. Development of documents, drawings and diagrams that outline those needs are the foundation to any successful construction or renovation project
  • Creative Problem Solvers – We provide solutions and ideas that you may not have thought of and we even solve a problem without you even knowing there was a problem. It’s like magic happened
  • Clear Communication – We collaborate with all contractors and allied professionals because we know how to speak the same language. We are your advocate during the design and administration of your project
  • Residential Construction Specialists – We have extensive knowledge and training on building code, universal access, and mechanical systems. The NKBA Planning Guidelines with Access Standards form the foundation of all of our design plans and they don’t just apply to kitchens or bathrooms either. This is the level of detail that is required to keep you safe in your own home
  • Continued Learning – As a part of our certification requirements we continually develop and educate ourselves with a minimum set of hours per year. We walk the walk, talk the talk, and never stop learning
  • Professional & Ethical Practice – As certified professionals with a legal business licenses and insurances, you are assured we have the coverages you need. Our NKBA Code of Professional Conduct guides our business practices and ethics. For more information on NKBA’s Certified Kitchen Designer and Certified Bathroom Designer, click here.

Find out more information by checking out Why Hire a Designer over at


We think that design is an investment in a relationship, finances, and your lifestyle so we want all our clients to be involved in the process from the start. The steps to get started working with us are simple:

  • Check Out Our Work – We recommend that you start by taken a look at our portfolio to see what kind of work we have done. You can do that by clicking here.
  • Gather Inspiration – Create a Houzz profile and set up your Ideabooks by room or one for the entire project. You search for images just like you would in the internet – it’s pretty simple. When you find an image you like, add it to your Ideabook and add your comments. Let us know what you’re looking at and what you like about the image. You can use Pinterest too.
  • Create a Priority List - Next, take a look around your problem spaces and outline your project goals, then prioritize the list. Call this your “Priority List” and be sure to share it with us.
  • Set a Realistic Budget – We know your home is an investment, so a sound budget for you is important. If you are at a loss we suggest you go shopping at places you would actually buy from, but not the cheapest on the block. Look at plumbing fixtures or countertops. This will help you understand how much things actually cost. For more information, check out the article “Starting a Renovation” by clicking here.
  • Reach out to us – Contact us by email or telephone with some shots of the problem areas, your priority list, and inspiration. We can discuss the details of how, what, budget, and timeline.
  • Hire Us – the most important step of all.


For renovations, custom homes, kitchens & baths, or interior styling & accessories, the five step design process is the same. The initial stage involves Design Programming where we review the site, understand your needs, and set the project parameters and scope. We recommend setting up an Initial Consultation to get things started and the Design Proposal and Residential Interior Design Agreement is presented before the real design work can begin.

During the Concept Development phase, we provide you with preliminary layout options, material or finish ideas, sketches, and inspiration images of design work that will set the tone for the project. Once the concept is approved, we move to the Design Plans & Documentation phase where we itemize ever part, piece, and aspect of the design. Once these are revised, finalized, and approved we produce the Construction Drawings & Specifications.

The final package includes all drawings, specifications, finish boards, and cabinetry proposals that the General Contractor needs to budget the project. Drawings will save you money AND prevent hidden costs.

Design Contract Administration

Separate from the design process and after drawings are approved, we offer complete collaboration with the General Contractor, trades, and finishers to ensure a successful project completion. This is a very necessary part of the the entire project and lasts until deficiencies are completed.

At the start of demolition, it is ideal to order cabinetry. We confirm site dimensions, layout on the sub-floor, and adjust the design as required. Once ordered, installation dates are established within the project timeline.

This is a good time to sit down and plan the Interior Styling & Accessories for your home with complete turn-key services.


Good design is an investment and it’s near impossible to tell because every client, home, and project is different. We packaged our all of our design services into fixed fee packages. There isn’t a “drag and drop” formula but a good gauge is about 7-10% of your project budget. Depending on our involvement and your budget will determine the best packaged fee scenario for your project.

We recommend that you start by calling or emailing us to tell us about your project, your goals, budget, and maybe include a few photos of problem spots. We can discuss our workload and ensure that you understand the process.

From there we will set up a mandatory 90-minute on-site Initial Consultation with Corey at a cost of $350 + 5% G.S.T. This consultation can work 2 ways:

DIY’er – If you’re looking for professional advise on space planning, colour and material selections, or advise on the steps to get started we can help you with that. We can provide you with our list of resources.

Project Proposal – If you need more extensive design services, this consultation acts as an introduction to a complete scope assessment and design package proposal for your project.

All our projects are packaged into three tiers – the Concept Development, Design Plans & Documents, and Design Contract Administration. The minimum design retainer is $1500 + 5% G.S.T. and this is our minimum design fee. It’s best to discuss your needs with us so we can help you solve your design problems.


We want to focus on your project and provide you the best possible design solutions and outcomes for your project. The average design process takes from six weeks up to several months – depending on the size and complexity. Once you accept the proposal, an initial design fee is paid and we schedule a start date in about 2-3 weeks. The package sizes and amount of rooms will dictate how long each phase takes.

Beyond that, the average renovation project takes a minimum of 12 weeks – included is cabinetry a minimum of 6 weeks, installation at 1 week, and countertops taking another 2 weeks after.


CKID will work anywhere the project will take us. Initially we will work via email or video conferencing with photos, site plans, any current plans you may have to decide if the project is feasible. Once we understand the limits and scope, we schedule a 4-hour site consultation with Corey for $1500 + GST. All of the design and planning will be completed from our Vancouver base. Material/sample courier charges are extra. The client is responsible for all accommodation and travel.