What We Do

The Design Team at Corey Klassen Interior Design offers full-service residential design & planning, kitchen & bathroom design, and interior styling from concept to completion. We are skilled specialists in the two dual-heart centres of your home – the kitchen and the bathroom – and believe that all homeowners deserve expertise in these areas first and foremost. All of our planning focuses on function over form and we base all our decisions on the NKBA Kitchen & Bathroom Planning Guidelines with Access Standards. We will invariably work in other areas of your home and value quality and investments in your lifestyle and wellness.

We are licensed, fully insured, and taxation registered.

Our Design Specialties

Kitchen & Bathroom Design
Universal Design (barrier free and multi-generational)
Sustainable Design

Our Design Services

All of our design work is completed in CAD, hand rendered perspectives, and digital layouts.

Concept development
Space planning
Material & finish selections
Fixtures & equipment selections (appliances, plumbing)
Kitchen design
Bathroom design
Custom cabinetry and door-style design
Millwork and custom finishing details
Colour selection
Construction plans (including demolition)
Lighting plans
Mechanical plans (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, communication)
Finishes plans (colour, materials, finishes)
Furniture selections
Fabric selections
Custom window covering design
Custom upholstery & furniture design
Artwork & accessory selections
Procurement & installation
Project management

How We Charge Design Fees

At CKID, we work in a fixed fee design process, meaning that each phase of the project has one price attached to it, with some conditions, and paid in full at the beginning of each phase.  How we arrive at our fixed fees are a result of a simple formula of:

(number of rooms X tasks needed to complete) = total fixed fee

As a result, there is no one hourly fee that we can project because every project is different in size and scope; however projects can range from $2,500 to $25,000 in design fees. Many designers work on billable hours and this can be frustrating with overages and it puts strain on the business with added billing services and collections. Once you review our detailed Proposal, you will see exactly how, what, and when we will execute your design.

How We Charge Cabinet Supply & Installation

Corey Klassen Interior Design is an independent Nickels Custom Cabinetry dealer. We offer a small sample showroom, nothing with large overhead, and provide you with control and expertise over this complex and complicated part of the design. Our payment terms for Cabinet Supply & Installation are:

50% Initial Payment: Due at contract signing
50% Final Payment: Due upon cabinet delivery

It’s important to keep in mind that cabinetry takes about (6) to (8) weeks to produce, installation depends on the amount of detail, and counters take another (2) weeks following. We will work within other suppliers, but we are unable to procure the product, install, or carry the warranty for you.

How We Do Interior Styling

Many of our clients continue their professional relationship with us and we procure decorative lighting fixtures, design custom window coverings, design custom upholstery, and so much more. We work with select manufacturers and suppliers because they delivery quality product and fabrication every time. During the process we will provide you up to (2) changes before we finalize. As such, we will retain a mark-up of 30% on all items and will provide you with the Manufactures Suggested Retail Price so you can see the savings we will provide. Whenever we procure a product for you, with the exception of any mechanical work, it is extremely important that we order manage, schedule, deliver, and install all the product and our design fees for this 20%.

All of our clients may use any of our trade discounts at selected suppliers (the discount is generally 10%) and they will manage and install the product on their own. Should be become involved in a product that you purchase, there is an hourly design fee applied.

It is important to note that Corey Klassen Interior Design does not accept commissions or kick-backs from any supplier in accordance with our professional Standards of Conduct.

A Note About “Project Management”

At CKID, we believe that design and build work in concert together to achieve a stunning, spectacular, and outstanding result. As such, we believe that our skills are best served as your designer, your advocate for the design on the job-site, and not your “Architectural Technician” or “Project Manger”. We do not project manage construction jobs and believe that this skill is always best in the hands of a skilled and professional general contractor. We do not advocate for homeowners to be their own project managers, but rather collaborate and constantly communicate with your selected trades and Allied Professionals.