How We Work

There are over 400 decisions to make in every room. You will to hire us because we have over 15 years of living and breathing interiors, kitchens, and bathrooms. We just know what works and what doesn’t work, likely because we have done it before and either failed or succeeded. We are your best investment in your project and you will trust our process and here it will work:

1 Project Assessment

  • Learn about you, your family, activities, and your home;
  • Develop a list of goals and priorities for the project;
  • Assess the site and identify the design parameters;
  • Complete our 13-page Client Assessment Survey;
  • Review the Client’s inspiration images and provided Architectural Schematics;
  • Identify the project budget and propose the scope of our fixed fee agreement;
  • Produce a Project Brief identifying the overall concept and vision for the project; and
  • E-mail and converse about our detailed Residential Design Proposal.

 2 Concept Development

  • Identify and study adjacency, activities, and asses the equipment needs;
  • Explore the functional aspects of our proposed design solutions, review finishes, materials, appliances, fixtures, and lighting
  • Asses any audio-visual strategies, communication components, and security systems;
  • Hold (3) Design Team Meetings with the Client’s to review space planning; and
  • Prepare preliminary schematics for a construction budget and approvals.

 3 Project Documentation

  • Work from preliminary schematics and produce CAD plans;
  • Generate Interpretive Drawings including interior elevations and three-dimensional concepts;
  • Develop detailed kitchen & bathroom floor plans, millwork details, lighting plans, etc.;
  • Formulate technical specifications, shopping lists; and
  • Assemble all Project Documentation for all vested parties.

4 Project Administration

  • Revise Project Documents as needed upon the request of municipal planning;
  • Verify site conditions prior to installed component orders (cabinetry);
  • Determine required Design Team involvement in site inspections;
  • Work with General Contractor to determine appropriate project timelines;
  • Order cabinetry, counter, and other equipment 6 – 12 weeks from required date;
  • Plan furniture & accessory procurement 8 – 12 weeks in advance of deadlines;
  • Install cabinetry and counters, determine Punch List and work toward completion; and
  • Install soft-furnishings and accessories, prepare the final reveal.