Where Do You Start?

At Corey Klassen Interior Design we believe that it is important that homeowners and their hired professionals understand the Scope of Work. As your designer, we will work through a series of design exposure therapy (or shopping) sessions so that with a guided and knowledgeable team we will better appreciate and collaborate together. Here’s a good place for you to start:

INSPIRATION – Opinions matter and you can make yours known by looking at showrooms, websites, or magazines. It does not take much for us to understand what you’re after, but it’s important that you know it first.

PRIORITIES – Every project has their needs and wants and by documenting them and providing us with this information you are assured of a positive experience. This also shortens our design programming phase considerably.

BUDGET – Having a realistic budget for the work you want to complete is essential. If you don’t know how much things cost, go and shop around and look at prices. Avoid big-box stores because their product is only accessible through retail.