Our Design Team provides Full Service Interior Design on large-scale new construction or renovations of all types and scales for renovation and light commercial. We also provide Remote Interior Design packages for residential do-it-yourself and distant clients who value our expertise.

Interior Design

Over 1000 decisions. The function and activity planning of any space are challenging. We are experienced professionals working within all types of projects from residential to light-commercial. Our design process takes you from concept to completion and we take a unique personal approach to your spaces and design them for your needs.

Kitchen & Bath Design

Dual Heart Centres. The first and last spaces you use in your home every day require an experienced professional. Expertise in the mechanics of a home, appliances, and the high-traffic finishes are extremely important for your kitchen & bathroom to stand the test of time. We also plan walk-in closets, laundry rooms, media walls, and wine cellars.

Interior Styling & Decor

In the lap of luxury. Selecting one space to decorate is a complex navigation. We are professional interior decorators that work with fabrics, furniture, window coverings, and customized design details to complete any project. Colour, texture, rhythm and repetition all live here. Let’s not forget the accessories and the artwork to finish off the perfect space!


Our Design Team provides Full Service Interior Design on large-scale new construction or renovations of all types and scales for renovation and light commercial. The CKID Design Team offers you a complete one-stop-shop to design your dream home from concept to completion.

PageLines- process-left.jpg1. Project Assessment

The initial stages of every project begin with these steps:

– Develop your design style using Houzz or Pinterest
– Establish objectives, goals & budget (design parameters)
– Contact us about your project
– Meet together to discuss preliminary parameters
– Book a Project Consultation on-site, nominal fee applies
– Assess the project site, documentation, user analysis
– Produce a Proposal outlining Scope of Services
– Letter of Agreement and first payment

PageLines-process2.jpg2. Concept Development

The objective is to establish a Preliminary Design:

– Review existing plans & documentation provided by client
– Produce the project inspiration
– Produce Conceptual Layouts illustration solution options
– Select a Design Solution
– Suggest materials for the project areas
– Suggest appliances, plumbing equipment, & fixtures
– Provide preliminary documents to general contractor
– Review the construction scope, budget & timeline

PageLines- process-right.jpg3. Project Documentation

Produce Construction Documents including:

– Construction & Demolition Plan
– Partition Plan
– Lighting Plan
– Electrical & Communication Plan
– Finish Plan
– Interior Elevations & iterations for approvals
– 3D renditions of critical areas (kitchen/bath)
– Project Binder with Specifications

PageLines- process-mid.jpg4. Project Administration

Execution, construction and installation of the project:

– Liaise with Architect and General Contractor
– Building Permit Application
– Regular site visits
– Cabinetry order, schedule delivery & installation
– Procure furniture, window coverings, etc.
– Monitor finishing stages
– Walk-through with Client to identify deficiencies
– Final furnishings installation for complete satisfaction




Working in concert is the easiest way to success. Throughout the design process, there will be moments of discovery, things we didn’t think about before, and probably some difficult conversations. There will be one really difficult day for everyone, but it’s important to know that the CKID Design Team are problem solvers. Here is what we have found that what we’re looking for in our ideal client:

  • Open and honest with us, and we with you.
  • Let us develop your design and value our expertise.
  • Trust our process and & BEST options will be shown, not all options.
  • Collaborate together, meaning there will be work for you to do too.
  • Enjoy this journey & keep positive!

Q. Why work with CKID?

Our Design Team is educated, professional, experienced, accredited and regulated by international and local associations. We continue our professional development by studying universal design, wellness & safety and we hold comprehensive errors & omissions insurance.

Q. What makes you different from other ID firms?

We offer a one-stop-shop for the entire project. Meaning, we provide quality cabinetry and installation services, counters, sinks, faucets, lighting fixtures, furnishings, window coverings, wallpapers, custom upholstery, bedding, artwork accessories and so much more. Where other firms farm-out their shop drawings, we produce all millwork and casework details ourselves.

Q. How much does interior design cost?

Professional services of a qualified Interior Designer are an investment in your lifestyle, wellness, and project outcomes. Every project is different so it’s difficult to determine. We work on a flat design fee and each phase are based upon (# of Rooms X Tasks). Our design fees can range from 7-15% of the project before construction starts.

Q. How long does the design process take?

Once we establish our Scope of Services we can determine the length of time. Most projects start within 2-3 weeks of the first payment and last anywhere from 45 days to a year to plan.

Q. Do you charge for an initial Project Consultation?

An initial 45 minute consultation in our studio is complementary. Following that, a flat Project Consultation fee is $400 + tax within Metro-Vancouver will apply.

Q. Who hires the general contractor?

General Contractors and Designers work well together but we are autonomous to the end client – you. You will have two agreements – one with us and one with the G.C.

Q. I know what I want and just need plans. Do you do that?

Great! Then our Remote Interior Design Services are perfect for your needs. You can learn about those by clicking here.