Cookie cutters are for baking, not for living. We work with our clients to help them achieve the interior environment they didn’t realize they could have.


Your home needs to fit you and your lifestyle. From farm-to-fork and then relaxation and revitalization spaces – let’s get this right. We help you by providing design solutions that are sustainable, adaptable and visually pleasing.


Your workspace needs to be productive and profitable. A brand is more than an icon, it is iconic. We help you by tooling the functions, ideals and mission of your company into a cohesive and inspiring environment to create and connect with your client.

Design is the ultimate creative negotiation.

What we do

Studio Consultations

Complementary, subject to availability


Are you curious about working with a professional interior designer but want to know more about our work, what we do and what you need to accomplish a project you’re considering? Our complementary studio consultation is a great way to get to know us better!

In this informal 30-minute coffee meeting at our downtown Vancouver studio, you’ll have an opportunity to meet the Design Team and ask some questions about what we do. Bring in your own inspiration photos, your made-to-measure drawings, a list of goals and questions that you might have about what a professional designer can do to help you.

To book a consultation, please contact us.

Foundation Assessment

$400 + G.S.T.


Our Project Assessment & Proposal is the first step toward any type of project. From interior, kitchen, bathroom and styling, it all starts with a solid foundation.

Our 90-minute Foundation Assessment provides you with a professional on-site assessment with Corey to develop a framework for the project you are considering. Using our Client Project Planner™, we assess existing conditions, discuss space planning options, design and colour style options, and determine the goals and priorities for your project. Following our assessment, and in about two weeks, we review a Proposal for Design & Consultation Services together at our studio that directly reflects your investment needs.

Limited to Metro Vancouver, but we do travel.

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Plan for 7-15% of project investment


Are you looking for a cooking space or spa retreat that suits your style and investment from an experienced professional? Our Design Team’s specialty in kitchens & bathrooms offers a well-rounded approach to your new space.

Our Kitchen & Bathroom Design Services focus on design solutions that suit your lifestyle and are investments that transcend your immediate need. Our Design Approach allows for you to utilize a design solution before we complete the entire process so you can obtain realistic estimates from professional General Contractors. We work with you to select appliances, plumbing fixtures, hard finishes like cabinetry and counters, resilient surfaces for flooring, and decorative wall coverings like paint and wallpaper. Our expertise in kitchens and bathrooms will plan for all your functional and decorative lighting needs, electrical, heating and air-conditioning and even construction & planning methodologies that suit condominiums and historic homes.

Services are billed as a flat design fee – a hard line-item cost!

Full-Service Interior Design

Plan for 10-20% of project investment


Are you designing a new home, a large renovation or a commercial space and need a creative professional to help you? Our skilled Design Team works on all types of projects in many sizes and parameters.

With Full-Service Interior Design we offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to designing your next residence or public space. Our Design Approach is proven to provide a cohesive system and method to accomplishing large-scale projects. During our process, we guide you through customizing your interior space so that it reflects you, your lifestyle and your brand. Working with you to select and design the customized spaces, we select millwork, interior architecture, surfaces, fabrics and furniture placements. The theme is to provide a built environment that is sustainable, wellness supported and adaptable. We have a well of collaborators and General Contractors that support your vision and make it a reality.

Residences are billed as a flat design fee while Public spaces are billed on a square foot rate.

Interior Styling & Décor

Plan for 20% of project investment


Are you looking to decorate and style your home to better suit your lifestyle and aesthetic? Our Design Team are Accredited with the Canadian Decorators Association!

With Interior Styling & Décor services, we procure and style (or “supply and install”) all of your soft-furnishing and styling accessories. Our Design Approach takes stock of what is existing, updating, replacing and new to achieve the well-appointed home of your dreams. We will work with you to select all furniture (bench goods and customizable fabric options), custom upholstery, drapery, blinds, wall-coverings, decorative lighting and accessories to complete the look you desire. We then procure and style according to the furniture and finishes plans we’ve customized for you. Wow your family and friends with a professionally designed and decorated space!

We recommend a starting investment of $25,000 to $35,000.

Interior Design Packages

Expert Design Help

$400 + G.S.T. | Book Now!

Have you hit a roadblock in your project? Do you need the help of a professional designer? Are you looking for the best use of space and/or suggestions for furniture placement and colour? Use our skills and experience to your advantage!

  • 90 minutes with our Designer
  • Colour and space planning
  • On-site and face-to-face

Designer Shopping Trip

$650 + G.S.T. | Book Now!

Do you need a designer’s opinion on your next major purchase? Take us along with you! For up to 3-1/2 hours we could be your professional designer and help navigate the important investment decisions and make the right choice.

  • Up to 3-1/2 hours per trip
  • Any type of furniture, finishes, materials
  • Multiple retailer stops

Online Design Packages

View Online Packages

Do you have a limited budget or live in a remote area? We can help you with our online design packages! Reduced costs reflect the savvy homeowner who can use a tape measure and the internet quite well. They also eliminate face-to-face meetings.

  • About a 4 week turn around
  • Semi-customizable
  • Preset deliverables

Comprehensive Design Services

  • Concept Development
  • Space Planning
  • Scope of Work Documents
  • Material Selection
  • Equipment & Fixture Selection
  • Concept Boards
  • Construction & Demolition Plans (CAD)
  • Interior Partitions & Finishes Plans (CAD)
  • Lighting Plans (CAD)
  • Power & Communication Plans (CAD)
  • Millwork Drawings (CAD)
  • Detailed Kitchen & Bath Plans (CAD)
  • Elevations & Details (CAD)
  • 3D Visualization
  • Specification Documents
  • Furniture Selection
  • Accessory Selection
  • Trades Consultation and Coordination
  • Upholstery/Fabrics Selections
  • Procurement Services (e.g. Purchasing)
  • Installation Services (cabinets & counters)
  • White Glove Interior Styling Services

Do we fit together?

At Corey Klassen Interior Design we believe that all parties in the project must work in concert as a fast-track to project success. The design process is fluid and we recognize that a cookie-cutter (mmm, cookies) approach doesn’t fit every job. During our professional relationship, there will be discovery, curiosity, and some challenging moments. When that detour happens, we are here to help.

Here is what we are looking for in our ideal client:

  • Start the design process early; it’s longer than you think.
  • Invest in your lifestyle and know what is invaluable to you.
  • Trust that we present BEST options for you, not all of them.
  • The value that you have hired the right professionals for your project.
  • Internet savvy and not afraid of a digital interface.
  • Ask questions, stay inquisitive – we would love to explain more!
  • Enjoy this journey & keep positive!