We provide an amalgam of design experiences for high-end residential or single-family residence new construction, renovation, or restoration. Our specialty design services are kitchens, bathrooms, interior décor and architectural planning services.

Customized Interiors

We create customized design solutions to suit your profile, investment strategy, & lifestyle. From small space living to palatial residences, we provide curated design aesthetics that resonate.

Appliance Selections

Unique Kitchens & Baths

We design creative and solution-based kitchens, baths, spas, walk-in closets, laundry areas, and exercise rooms for your needs. The most used and elaborate areas of the home require our skills and experience.

Millwork Design

Made-to-Order Cabinetry

We construct our own bespoke cabinetry and millwork built-to-suit the functional and storage requirements of your direct needs. We offer hundreds of finishes and styles for all sorts of budgets.

Window Coverings

Furnishings & Accessories

We design, select, procure, manage, and install furnishings, decorative wall coverings, drapery, window shades and custom upholstery. Our workrooms and upholsters are talented and the best value.

Throughout the design process, whether it be with the appliance specialist, material sourcing, or working on your contract documentation, our Design Team takes pride in being thorough, attentive, and providing the best design solution for your investment.

Your home should take care of you, not you of it. 



Providing adaptable and accessable design solutions for the residential homeowner that makes it easier for them to remain in place as they age, manage an illness, or recover from an injury.



Incorporating health, green materials, sustainable methods, and economics into a home that looks after our planet, health, success, and indoor environment to promote healthy homes.

We document, analyze, and cultivate a curated space that reflects your lifestyle, brand, and values.



In the Foundations phase we establish the needs and requirements utilizing our Client Project Planner. A future client completes the planning tasks and gathers inspiration images on Houzz or Pinterest. From there, we schedule a 90-minute Project Consultation* and review the problems together. We ask a lot of questions because we want to know specifics about you and your lifestyle. Following the Consultation, we present our Proposal outlining the design concept, menu of services, schedule, and investment strategy.

*A nominal fee applies to our Project Consultation.



The Conceptual phase is where all the heavy lifting happens. Our Design Team assesses the Foundations and begin to apply them to 2-3 design solution options. Once approved, we visit showrooms together and select appliances, plumbing, and more. At our studio we gather materials, lighting, and other furnishing items needed to complete and produce the Architectural Drawings*. Following that, tender documents are issued to General Contractors to request for bid. Upon hiring the General Contractor, they will apply for building permits.

*Our architectural drawings apply to renovations. In new construction we liase with an Architectural Technologists.



During the Documentation Phase we refine the design solutions based upon the outcomes of the bidding and permit application process. Many working drawings are produced for approval such as CAD plans, interior elevations, 3D visuals in colour, and detail drawings. Schedules and Shopping Lists are prepared and a project package is curated for you to use during construction. Though you will see and hear less of us during this phase (because we're drafting) you still retain a design professional whom provides a safe and beautiful design solution that any Allied Partner will happily implement.



In this Administration phase, we review our contract documents with the General Contractor's Project Manager to monitor construction progress. I addition to site visits, we check-measure for cabinetry manufacturing & drapery to finalize all Proposals and procurement items. From there, we manage the orders, schedule delivery with the Project Manager, and communicate with you through the entire process to ensure quality installation. If elected, we will walk through with you to perform a Pre-Occupancy Walk-Thru to produce the deficiency list for the General Contractor. We are available to assist with movers and with you as you move back into your home.

Avoid costly design mistakes and leverage the experience of a professional.

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