Your first step is to create a Houzz ( profile and start contributing to your Ideabooks. Group by room or whole project but keep it fun and inspirational; self-edit after you’ve built your inspiration and look back, reject, add, and edit. Next, create a Priority List and organize it from most important to least. Focus the needs you have, wants will come later. Lastly, take a look at our work and this site then reach out to us for help.


With your Ideabook and Priority List established, reach out to us for a complementary 30 minute Design Talk by telephone. We want to hear from you the design problems, your goals, and your budget. Setting the tone for how we will work together is important. After discussing and agreeing to move ahead, we will schedule a 90-minute Design Consultation at the project address in order to establish the Design Programming and complete our comprehensive Client Intake Survey.



During our Design Consultation, we come to your project site with our comprehensive Design Questionnaire. We will analyze your needs and goals, view the space, discuss the design problems, and begin gain an understanding of your style by discussing your Houzz Ideabook and Priority List. Using our knowledge, experience, and expertise, we will discuss the feasibility and focus areas of the proposed Project.

The charge for this initial Design Consultation is $350 + 5% G.S.T. including travel within the Lower Mainland.

The 90-minute Design Consultation can work one of two ways:

DIY’ER – If you’re looking for professional advice on space planning, colour and material selections, or advice on the steps to get started we can help you with that. We can give you our list of resources.

PROJECT PROPOSAL – If you need more extensive design services, this consultation acts as an introduction to a complete scope assessment and design package proposal for your project. All successful Design Agreements are credited back the full $350 cost of the Design Consultation as an initial payment.

From there we will provide you with a Proposal of Design Services. Our projects are packaged into three tiers – the Concept Development, Schematic Design, and Design Administration. The smallest design retainer is $1500 + 5% G.S.T. and this is our minimum design fee. It’s best to discuss your needs with us so we can help you solve your design problems.


After the Proposal & Design Retainer, we create design solutions and concept sketches to indicate the design direction. We solidify with a general CAD layout option and from here we want to select Appliances, cabinetry, countertops, tile, flooring, decorative elements, and lighting – so please be sure to have time available for us. We provide plumbing selections based upon your design solution. With preliminary documentation you can connect with the General Contractors for preliminary budgets.


After the Preliminary Layout Solution is approved and we have the big selections made, we begin the Design Plad & Document Phase to produce Contract Documents (design plans & specifications.) There will be a few meetings together to go over the CAD drawings and 3D perspectives. Our final Project Documentation includes all the floor plans, elevations, and details to build the environment with specifications. This phase takes about 8 to 12 weeks (or more) and permit submission will take about 30 days.


Following the approval of the Design Plans & Documents, your selected General Contractor begins to finalize the project budget, deposit amount, and schedule. From our side, we provide you with a detailed proposal of cabinetry and/or countertops that includes installation and delivery. Once a deposit is made, we order and produce cabinetry, etc. In addition, we procure soft-furnishings, decorative papers, window coverings, and accessories. Most order periods are about 8 to 12 weeks.

During Design Contract Management, we collaborate with the General Contractor to confirm any working drawing revisions as a result of demolition. We work with the project manager to confirm cabinetry delivery and installation, counter template, and any other decorative items we may have procured. Monitoring the project from a design perspective, we provide confirmations on rough-ins, tile/flooring layouts, finishing details and more. We are a part of the complete trouble-shooting team. Once the paint dries, we schedule furniture delivery, window covering installations, and then set you up for the big reveal.





What is one thing that you can not afford in your interior, kitchen or bathroom design project?

Mistakes. If by hiring Corey Klassen Interior Design we can save you from making costly mistakes, save you time and stress, and earn your investment back in the trade discounts we have exclusive access to, then we have done the biggest part of our job.

We are certified professionals with a legal business licenses and insurances, including WorksafeBC. You will be covered from any design mistakes on our part (we’re all human.) Our NKBA Code of Professional Conduct guides our business practices and ethics.

To learn more about why an NKBA Certified Member is right for you, please click here.


Good design is an investment and it’s near impossible to tell because every client, home, and project is different. We packaged our all of our design services into fixed fee packages. There isn’t a “drag and drop” formula but a good gauge is about 7-10% of your project budget. Depending on our involvement and your budget, we will decide the best packaged fee scenario for your project.

We recommend that you start by calling or emailing us to tell us about your project, your goals, budget, and maybe include a few photos of problem spots. We can discuss our workload and make sure that you understand the process.


The typical kitchen or bathroom project takes 8 – 12 weeks provided all decisions are made quickly and there is a window in scheduling trades and product. We are generally able to start within 3 – 4 weeks of your initial contact with CKID, and allowing for a design phase, this is a realistic timeline. We always recommend being honest with your timeline and a big factor in our design deliverable is that we will mirror your pace. If you are slow to make decisions, or are second guessing your investment in our design, then we can not meet goalposts.


CKID will work anywhere the project will take us. Initially we will work via email or video conferencing with photos, site plans, any current plans you may have to decide if the project is possible. Once we understand the limits and scope, we schedule a 4-hour site consultation with Corey for $1500 + GST. All of the design and planning will be completed from our Vancouver base. Material/sample courier charges are extra. The client is responsible for all accommodation and travel.