Design services include

  • Design Programming & User Analysis – We analyze traffic flow patterns, human anthropomorphic measurements, site conditions, and overview of the existing interior structure and mechanics. We offer you a Scope of Work and a Working Budget so we all can better understand your needs and your project.
  • Concept development & Space planning – Customizing the space plan and partition plan for you and your needs, I look at all aspects of the interior architectural elements. We will work with hand-sketches and preliminary working drawings. For kitchens and bathrooms, we focus on the National Kitchen & Bath Associations (NKBA) Kitchen & Bath Planning Guidelines with Access Standards, ensuring function at every stage. We work with universal, barrier free, and multi-generational design.
  • Material, Finish & Equipment Selections – We work with you to make sure that all the materials, finishes, decorative wall coverings, window coverings, appliances, and plumbing fixtures suit your personal needs. We will work with your suggestions, offer you recommendations, or give you our synthesized breakdown of all selections that uniquely apply to your individual needs.
  • Construction Documents – As we have worked through the design details, we give you fully dimensioned, detailed, and specified construction and contract documents that ensure a smooth & easy execution of your project with financial viability. Permit-ready drawings make sure that your safety needs are fully met before construction starts. We give you As-Built Floor Plans, Proposed Floor Plans, Detailed Floor Plans for Kitchens and Bathrooms, Finishes Plans, Electrical/Communication, and Lighting Plans.
  • Interpretive Drawings – We provide annotated vertical interior elevations, perspectives and artistic drawings that represent the space we are designing for you by adding colour, materials, lighting, and details to illustrate a cohesive design concept.
  • Custom Cabinetry and Counters – Luxury kitchen and bathroom designed with local, sustainable, and certified construction methods with over hundreds of style, finish, and colour options. Cabinetry is the backbone of every functioning kitchen and bathroom, and we proudly select the best options for you and your budget. Counters are detailed, selected, and installed unique to your design from ornate marbles to engineered stones and solid surfacing.
  • Custom Upholstery, Furniture and Lighting – Together we select custom and unique furniture, accessories, and lighting that is designed or selected, quality controlled, delivered and installed by CKID. We work with a multitude of fabrics and finishes that address your decorative needs.
  • Custom Window Coverings – Unique to your home and your states, we custom design and detail window coverings including drapery, blinds, and shutters. No window should be left naked.
  • Project Management & Purchasing – We assist our clients with project management of our products, cabinetry, counters, delivery and installation. CKID works with the general contractor to make sure that all plumbing, electrical, HVAC and finishing are completed to standard and check your project every step of the way.