About Corey


Corey S. Klassen is a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), Certified Bathroom Designer (CBD) and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree from the University of Manitoba and a Diploma in Kitchen & Bathroom Design (Dipl. KBD). He has worked in visual merchandising, set decoration, and luxury furniture sales with a strong background in visual communication. Since establishing his firm in 2005, he has built a boutique practice that is honest, focused, and highly valued. With his broad depth of visual experience and specialty in kitchens and bathroom, the two most complicated areas of the home, Corey finds himself addressing form and function at every stage of the design with his honest attitude and broad depth of technical design expertise.

Corey shows his passion for design through every project he does. In addition to his firm, he teaches the next generation of interior, kitchen and bath designers as an Instructor in the NKBA-Accredited Kitchen & Bath Design Diploma program at Vancouver Community College, his alma mater. Corey contributes back to the design industry by volunteering his time on the internationally with NKBA and locally on the British Columbia Chapter Executive Board. He has reviewed instructional and professional text books (proving that Canadian input.) Corey a member of the respected Brizo Blogger 19 and BLANCO Kitchen Design Council, and more recently the Design Panel for DXV by American Standard.

  • NKBA British Columbia Chapter
  • Brizo #Blogger19
  • BLANCO Kitchen Design Council
  • Design Panel for DXV by American Standard
  • Ambassador Club Member, NKBA (inducted 2013)
  • Instructor, Kitchen & Bath Design Diploma (NKBA-Accredited)

Design Inspirations

So much inspires Corey. Andy Warhol and the Factory; adore early and late Italian Renaissance and would love to live in the period; Modernism and the Bauhaus movement was great but what Charles and Ray Eames did for design was outstanding; Frank Lloyd Wright is a brilliant man; Zaha Hadid is a brilliant woman and she changed the way we think about architecture; the beauty of a greek of a Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian column and the Fibonacci sequence; text and the study of text is interesting and the way it looks on a crisp, white page; asymmetry and visual tension are by far a signature piece or statement; colour is a tool or a means to an end but pattern absolutely delights.