Outstanding Young Alumnus, VCC

Outstanding Young Alumnus, VCC

It’s hard to celebrate your own accomplishments, but when someone else recognizes them, and it is ones Alma¬†Matter, it can be a humbling experience to say the least. This past November (2011) I was awarded with the Outstanding Young Alumnus award from Vancouver Community College for outstanding achievement in my career and community. Apparently, my GPA is a big high point at the college but that’s not what is important to me.¬†What I am working toward, what we all are, is a full life with happiness, love, and personal accomplishments. What is unique about this award is that I am just doing what I love to do and it all just happened.

I would venture to say that Ken Cretney is more eligible than I, with his superior business senses, running a flag ship convention centre, and his endless volunteer positions with VCC. I would also venture to say that Merri Schwartz is inspiring with her AMAZING venture, Growing Chefs, and Pastry Chef appointment at Quattro on Fourth.

Changing careers was hard. Going to school while working full-time was harder. Making the leap from a job with a quarter of the salary was hardest. Yet, it would never have put me here, right now, with my feed firmly on the ground, teaching, vounteering, working professionally, being certified, and making it happen for myself. If there is one single thing that I’ve learned these past few years is that “There is no change if there is no change.” and that is how I formulate my day, weeks, months, and years.

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  1. Corey Klassen
    February 16, 2012

    Tibi, The “.CA” in the URL, the title in your browser, the copy text in this post “Vancouver” should indicate all you need to know.

    CANADA – if you know where that is.
    VANCOUVER – we had the last Winter Olympics, remember?
    BRITISH COLUMBIA – is not a state in America, it is a province in another country.

    It is comments like yours that are infuriating to other well-read and traveled Americans.

    Please don’t come back to my website.

  2. Tibi
    February 16, 2012

    Any website or Co. that does not include an address and phone number gets put in the “Shady” categories. Does not even show what State, or even what country.OH well

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