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Our Design Team provides Full Service Interior Design on large-scale new construction or renovations of all types and scales for renovation and light commercial. We also provide Remote Interior Design packages for residential do-it-yourself and distant clients who value our expertise.


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What is “Democratic Design”? [New]

What is “Democratic Design”? [New]

Posted on Jul 18, 2015 in Architecture, Bath, Design, Kitchen | No Comments

A lot has happened to the residential design world since 2009 when I wrote this post on Democratic Design, but the zest of the piece is still the same. Over the last several years I’ve learned that this idea was a bit premature for the masses but the design industry empirically understood what democracy in a […]

Paper bag lunches, coffee cups, and a daily walk.

Paper bag lunches, coffee cups, and a daily walk.

Posted on Jul 13, 2015 in News & Stories | No Comments

Hi. It’s been a while. Starting to write this makes me a bit nervous because I decided a while ago I wasn’t going to write much on my blog anymore. It wasn’t you, it was me – business, life, personal goals got in the way. Well, I think it could be time to apologize and […]

Good things: currated vignettes & empty spaces

Good things: currated vignettes & empty spaces

Posted on May 8, 2015 in Design, Kitchen, News & Stories, Projects | No Comments

When it comes to doing fun things, we kind of like doing those. Yesterday the new Armadio Kitchen & Bath showroom at 3000 Cambie Street had it’s grand opening and we couldn’t be more pleased with our small contribution. See the full image here. In other matters, we offer up the idea of an empty […]

Our Approach

At CKID, we believe that to achieve success in our design projects we must collaborate with each client, allied professionals and general contractors to design and build. We do this in one studio practice and as vanguard designers we are focused on the wellness, lifestyle and dreams of our clients. We approach each projects with an analytical solution-based design process. We provide custom cabinetry, and furnishings for residential and light-commercial properties and our Design Team works anywhere your project is across the Pacific Northwest region.