CKID is an award-winning Vancouver-based boutique residential design firm offering unparalleled service, quality, and value. We work directly with homeowners on all types of projects from small spaces to complete custom homes.


We create phenomenal cooking spaces from kitchens, outdoor kitchens, pantries, and dining spaces to sustain you through your life. With a farm to table aesthetic, we address vegetarians, vegans, raw food and so much more.



A customized bathing room is how we start and end our day. The other heart of the home may vary depending climate, religion, and culture. Laundry rooms, walk-in closets, and organized storage spaces keep us clean.



Special furniture and decorative elements that suit your lifestyle and comfort. We provide furniture, window coverings, rugs, drapery, and wall finishes of all kinds and sorts. Bring it all home, fit it together, and relax in style.

Jon, Vancouver B.C.
Very astute designer, listens well, keeps project on-time & on budget. Corey can handle curve balls and we had a few with our kitchen & bathroom. He is extraordinarily "well" organized and doesn't miss details. His rationale for design did everything to include what was functional as well as beautiful.
Wendy, Richmond B.C.
[Corey] spent a great amount of time asking me about the use of the space to ensure we created a solution that would work for the space and for me. Corey remained patient and courteous with my many questions and revisions to the design. He takes pride in his work and his goal is to always ensure the customer is happy with the final price and product.
Judy, Vancouver B.C.
Without a doubt, Corey thought of design features once functionality of our kitchen and bathroom were finalized. He helped explain the reasoning behind all functions, workflow, and design in these rooms as well as our home. At times I felt like he knew what we wanted without saying anything. I was very amazed with Corey's ability to process information quickly, overcome obstacles, and execute his ideas.



Watch Corey Klassen, CKD, CBD discuss how inspiration starts, builds, and then envelops the space.



Established in 2008, Corey Klassen’s Vancouver-based boutique residential design firm has quickly become an international award-winning leader in the design community. The firm provides full-service residential interior design with a three-in-one approach by incorporating interior design, kitchen and bathroom design, and interior decorating in a single efficient business. Corey Klassen Interior Design works directly with homeowners, Professional Engineers, Architects, General Contractors, and Allied Professionals on all types of projects from small spaces to complete custom homes.



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We are based in Vancouver, B.C. and work by appointment only. Where design lives, we will travel.

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